Tuesday, April 11, 2006

American Open Mike

~wings of flight~

Ray Johnson
sea somewhere
said last good bye
a parti-colored line
of letter-leaves
is stretched into
the sunset
the verses cover clouds
in close print
the name of primal yearning
for those
who drifting in the stream of ages
draw patch of light
with brush of solar beam
at School of CorresponDANCE
every letter
addresses death
and bears triangle stamp
Ray Johnson
waves form lines for notes
of long-awaited letter
pecks one by one
the twinkling lights of night
Ophelia ... Ray Johnson
.....wings of flight.....
American Open Mike, Vol. 1, 2006, 33

all rights reserved © Natalia L. Rudychev

SP Quill

the poppies

only the beaks
poke out of the green shells
the poppies at birth
so dense is aroma
the poppies in midday fields
the air trembles
alas... i've missed
red butterflies dancing
the poppies farewell

SP Quill , Spring 2006 (volume 10), 36
all rights reserved © Natalia L. Rudychev


Autumn letters

red butterfly
the tip of its wing is cut
by razor-blue sky
chanting of bells
autumn has dressed in silver
the gold of leaves
the scarlet heart
pulsates through the ribs
of naked aspen
first autumn frost
sketches the stars
on transparent canvas
from sun to the moon
letters with restless rider
dust on the Milky Way
I'm lost in the dark
crumbs of the Seventh Moon
feed autumn ravens
lexicon (fall 2005), 15
all rights reserved © Natalia L. Rudychev

Monday, April 10, 2006


A Question
where are you,
Lachesis, where..? will you find me
before Atropos does..?
so thin is the thread
of the oldest of three Kloto
lexicon (fall 2005), 47
all rights reserved © Natalia L. Rudychev

The Poetry Explsion Newsletter

between the lines

light tender verses
written by way of clouds melt
into the evening
as spindle summons quietly
magpies to bridge the river

in the darkest hour
when grief can not be expressed
by the words that fail
cutting diamond of poet
carves the mirror of my soul

two pairs of the eyes
burn through each other missing
a single glance of love
is lost among reflections
in labyrinth of mirrors

there's no history
when God said, "Let there be light"
the night of heaven
opened eyelids of the stars
falling in love at first sight

blossoming lilac
constellations of flowers
put to shame the stars
composing delightful scrolls
of the five-petal tanka

for Tanabata
i have only two wishes
clear sky in July
as the Seventh Moon rises
and the blue song of Lyra

the moon at its birth
milky smoke over water
is hiding a smile
of the growing power lit
in the heart of this night

i'm but an orphan
even your verses can't soothe
the pain of my loss
the essence that has no name
is hidden between the lines

when in the morning
the sun will spread bright wings
the window of your abode
i shall awaken smilling
The Poetry Explosion Newsletter (The Pen), July/2006, 5
all rights reserved © Natalia L. Rudychev

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Poetry Explosion Newsletter


i do miss you
red moth of the heart
beats against the cold luna lantern
in the time just preceding the light
beating's dying away
and the contours of branches
soften up
gently covered with dust of exhausted pulsations
i do miss you
you know
the morning today
will revive empty garden
while calendar leaps over season
i do miss you
transparent wings grow cold
sun infuses with color
the snowy canvas
i do miss you
the moth turned to crystal and broke
lucky charm
for reverting to children
i do miss you
the branches are heavy with blooms
vernal air is filled with caresses
come and see
i'll present you this morning
a magical plea
to impossible wintery dare
The Poetry Explosion Newsletter (The Pen), April/2006, 12
all rights reserved © Natalia L. Rudychev